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James Michael Seehof

James Michael Seehof is passionate about supporting the creation of a world culture that is inclusive, compassionate and participatory.


He attained a Masters Degree in Psychology and was a licensed counselor with a private practice in Idaho for 15 years. He is now practicing in the state of Washington on Orcas Island. He is currently licensed as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Washington and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Idaho.


Beyond the clinical, he explored transpersonal, spiritual and growth issues. He worked with individuals, families and led groups on a number of topics. He attended over 50 workshops at locations including Esalen and Harbin and many conferences including the Mythopoetic Mens Movement, SAND and Bioneers. He led workshops through his practice and shared in diverse settings such as Occupy and substance abuse clinics.He has presented at Imagine Festival, Blooming Heart, Indralaya and SAND (Science and NonDuality Conference). See services and event and service registration for a deeper description of what is offered.



YouTube: James Michael Seehof


Cell: (360) 317-6582

Facebook: James Michael Seehof

He lives on Orcas Island in Washington.

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