My Services

My focus with individuals is overcoming obstacles and supporting growth. Whether dealing with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, transpersonal exploration or finding deeper meaning in life, I will facilitate your journey with integrity and respect.

Sometime our journey includes others.  I will explore your individual needs while maintaining the integrity of your circle.

Group process allows us to explore ourselves while receiving input and support from others. 

Groups may focus on a number of topics.

Whether at a festival, conference, in a city or here on Orcas Island I will be offering seminars ranging from an hour to several days.

Plant medicine offers many of us an opportunity to gain wisdom and resolve issues. I am able to advise what one can expect using a number of substances and explore ways to integrate knowledge and find practices that support stability and growth after ceremony.

Peak experiences occur in a number of different situations. At a spiritual or therapeutic workshop, plant medicine circle, a festival or other gathering. So often we exit feeling uplifted but, over time, we regress to our previous awareness and reactivity. Peak experience integration allows these insights to be integrated into our lives on a more permanent basis.