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Constructs and Conditioning

A great deal of who we are and how we see the world is based on our conditioning. That is, the experiences we have gone through in life and the assumptions we hold about them.

Non-dual spirituality may have taught us that what we feel and how we see things are illusory. That our current state is essentially energy transmuted into time and matter occupying space.

The next step beyond this felt truth may be supported through plant medicine. As we journey with the support of substances such as Ayahuasca we may notice, post ceremony, that our patterns and tendencies have ameliorated. However, over time, it seems that our propensities, both in mind and action, reconstitute to our previous pattern.

What form of aftercare or integration will support long term reformatting of our cognitive structure? Even better, is there a way to “reprogram” ourselves, with conscious intent, to a more evolved state. As a therapist involved in integration work this question is pertinent both with self work and in the support of others.

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