From where does psychedelic awareness arise? Self, channeling, spirit, plant?

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

As a person who is exploring knowledge through psychedelics I have often asked myself, "from where does psychedelic awareness arise?"

For me, it is clear that I am in contact with wisdom when I use these substances. LSD, MDMA, and psilocybin have given me some awareness. Ayahuasca, however, feels much more powerful.

When in a circle using this substance and encountering teaching, I ask myself, “where does it come from?” Does it arise from repressed or difficult to access parts of myself? Does it come from alien beings or other entities channeling or downloading knowledge? A third possibility is something spiritual, an aspect of god, oneness, transcendence, passing forward wisdom. Finally, perhaps it is the chemical makeup of the plant itself, or even the intentional wisdom passed forward by the plant.

One interesting experience I have had occurs around two weeks before I gather for a ceremony. I begin to feel the presence of a teaching entity. That would seem to imply that it is more than just the hallucinogenic effect of the plant substance on my cognition.