Get Into the Flow

In a given moment you can either consider paths or live them, not both, in terms of energy flow.

When you focus on all possibilities, the mind reaches out and considers many options but to gain the power to walk a path in particular you must retract your sense of comparison and focus on that path alone.

As you withdraw your energy back into the present and begin to move forward on your journey, it is critical to flow with it, a bit like swimming. If you flail in the water and use all your energy you will sink. If you float, moving slowly and gently through your life, almost effortlessly but not quite, then everything begins to unfold for you.

When you dig in and attack what lies ahead, you begin to lose your direction. Life looses its flavor and joy. As you learn to trust allowing answers to form, and be there as you need them, life lightens and joy is reborn.