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Somatic Interaction. Contact as an opening.

Intellect has historically been seen as the doorway to knowledge in the west. Can somatic interaction move us further faster. This would be likely if knowledge was primarily downloaded from source as opposed to being thought out or discovered. In this way of thinking we optimize our receptivity to knowledge or awareness and transmute it into a common language to be shared with others.

Is our primary obstacle technological and informational in nature or is it sorting through distractions, fears and projections that limit our ability to be aware of our presence: units of awareness created to bring together insight into story leading to the creation of community? More and more I feel it is the second. Our individual binds, created though conditioning seeking survival, limit our ability to connect and collaborate in the creation of a more elegant awareness of reality.

Direct physical contact may be integral to this journey. Contact in general softens our binds and reminds us of our similarities. Touch, even more so. This is particularly challenging in an age of violence and manipulation that has us labeling victims and perpetrators. The answer is working through our pain, gaining trust and reestablishing consensual contact with others. It is time we move beyond individual accomplishment into joint collaboration. Penning the fabric of awareness together in organic open source.

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