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Feelings emerging from within your aching body

Crushed under the weight of unfulfilled dreams

Turning over the polarity

Passion, dreams, vibrant clarity

Once closed from awareness.

Unbound happiness creeps from the gloom

Ungroud flights, fearless of doom

Be sure to give them room.

Where are you my sweetest love?

Synchronistic connection

Whimsical affection

Longing for a mirror

To concentrate the heat

Within the space between us.

Can you imagine the dance?

Our energies contain the trance

In our tiny universe.

Let go the feelings held deep inside

Throw the floodgates open wide

The grinding of gears

Crusted with fears

Join the battle to shed your mantle

Of hopelessness and despair.

Allow the world to toss

Your stagnant thoughts of loss

Accept the challenge

To live and love

Never asking how or why

Being in each moment

As they form the tapestry

Of your life.

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